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COVID-19 Update - February 2021

Dear St. Francis Family,

It’s been almost a year since COVID-19 first began having an impact on our faith community. Over the last 11 months, like so many other congregations, we have taken whatever steps have been necessary and prudent to keep our members safe and healthy, but also connected to God and one another. I am thankful for the members of our parish who have helped guide our parish through these challenging times, ensuring that we remain faithful and vibrant, and ready to return together when the time is right. Just the same, I am thankful for all members of our parish, who as a community have continued to stay connected and offer prayerful support.

On February 1, our COVID Safety Task Force gathered virtually to review the current virus statistics and consider the path ahead. We are abundantly thankful that, throughout this crisis, few members of St. Francis have suffered infection from the virus. To date, no member has been lost directly to the ravages of COVID. We also believe it is prudent at this time to proceed with caution. Although we are pleased that vaccinations are happening and infection rates are decreasing, we have decided to “stay the course” for the next several weeks, meaning we will continue to offer streaming-only services, coupled with brief, “drive-in” services of Holy Eucharist, as weather permits. While we lament this time apart, we continue to see our part in the fight against COVID to be a communal expression of Christ’s love; a sacrifice to protect the health of all.

I firmly believe that we will soon be gathered together again. We will worship, celebrate and play together. We will study and discuss in person. We will take communion together. But for now, we hold out a little longer, keeping in mind the most vulnerable among us, along with those healthcare workers who put in countless hours to care for the sick and the dying. Each of us continues to feel the impact of the pandemic and adapt in different ways. I am grateful for the strength and connections of our community, staying together and supporting one another across these many months. We will do our part now to protect as many as possible, and when we return together we will rejoice, and build the future of our faith and our parish, once again, as a family.

Fr. Kevin+

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