Las Posadas – December 15, 6-8 pm

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Las Posadas – December 15, 6-8 pm

Hispanic Christmas tradition will come to life on the grounds of St. Francis on the evening of December 15. Members of the choir, together with parishioners of all ages, will celebrate Las Posadas (“The Inns”), commemorating Mary and Joseph’s journey through the streets of Bethlehem, looking for a suitable place for Jesus’s birth. Parishioners are encouraged to bring guests to this lively festivity.

Weather permitting, all participants, led by children dressed in costume as Mary, Joseph and other pilgrims, will process outside from door to door of the church. Just like the young couple in the Bible, they will be denied entry at each stop. At the final door, they are welcomed into the church hall for feasting and fun. Minister of Music Joe Perry and members of the choir process as well, singing and playing music along the journey.
Las Posadas is celebrated in towns across Mexico and Guatemala in mid-December, as part of the preparation for Jesus’ birth on Christmas day. Many communities throughout Texas and the southwest have adopted the tradition. Las Posadas typically takes place over nine nights, with different families or community centers hosting each night. The St. Francis event will only be held one night - Sunday, December 15 from 6-8 pm.

Fr. Kevin and his wife Donna, both Texas natives, initiated the tradition at St. Francis two years ago, and it has quickly become an anticipated Christmas event each December.

"Las Posadas is a lively way to embrace the season. It's a bit of different perspective, arising from a different culture. Rather than being observers of a play, we all share in the travails of Mary and Joseph as they walk the streets of Bethlehem facing ridicule and rejection, and we all likewise share in their joy as they are finally welcomed and embraced,” Fr. Kevin said. “Our years of participating in Las Posadas in South Texas as a young family are filled with memories of multiple peoples and cultures coming together for a night of singing, feasting, celebrating, all in the name of Christ."

Visitors are invited to attend the Las Posadas celebration. Bring the whole family to this lively, interactive way to experience a miraculous story.

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