Altar flowers and Easter flowers dedication forms
November 29, 2017

Serving Schedule

Sunday Serving Schedule

March 12

10 am Acolytes: Paige Dutton, Noah Alconera, Lana Alcnera
Altar Guild: Sheila Rees, Maureen Gunn
Flower Guild:
Flower Delivery: Lynd Meyer
Reader 8 am: Carolyn Brown
Readers 10 am: Dave Dutton, Paige Dutton
Intercessor 10 am:Jane Brooks
Oblation Bearers: Edgar, Julie and Nolan Alconera
Coffee Hour: Barbara Rivers
Greeter/Usher 10 am:James Watson, Sherri Lewis
Audio/Visual: Ed Damerau
Vestry Member of the Week: Kathy Schilling
March 19

Acolytes: Charlotte Goff
Altar Guild: Roberta Torian, Susan Thomas
Flower Guild: Esther Underhill
Flower Delivery: Roberta Torian
Reader 8 am: Ed Simek
Readers 10 am: Jim Crowley, Charlotte Goff
Intercessor 10 am: Kathy Schilling
Oblation Bearers: Cindy VanHefter
Coffee Hour: Earl and Nancy Needhammer
Greeter/Usher 5 pm: Tim and Sue Kelly
Audio/Visual: Gav Dellaria
Vestry Member of the Week: Roberta Torian