Churchyard Garden
December 20, 2017

Church School Outreach

Church School Outreach

In the spring of 2018, as they have in previous years, the Church School prepared the churchyard garden for planting. It was great fun for them to see the plants take off.

Last November, the children helped plan and run the fall outreach project. There were carnival games at coffee hour to benefit Team Sanfilipppo. The kids sold tickets and passes, ran the games, and gave out prizes to the victorious. In about an hour they raised $340.00 and had fun doing it.

In December, the Church School participated in an Adopt-a-Family-for-Christmas initiative through the Salvation Army to raise money to help displaced families from Puerto Rico have as nice a Christmas as possible given their circumstances. The goal was to raise $400.00. However, thanks to the generosity of our church community, a total of $1070.00 was raised.

Earlier in 2017, The Church School repeated their very popular outreach from the previous year, Birthday Bags for the West Chester Food Cupboard. Parishioners were asked to pick up a Birthday Bag, and fill the bag with items needed for a birthday celebration - cake mix, frosting, candles, plates, cups, napkins, etc. Bags were collected and delivered to the Food Cupboard. Parishioners enjoyed helping the Church School help local children to have a happy birthday!

The Church School has a great time planting the 2018 garden!