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Summer Service Schedule
9 am Holy Eucharist Rite II

Our Children

We seek to nurture the faith of children in ways that best relate to their age.

During the 10 am service, we offer childcare for children under 4 years old. The Parish nursery, staffed with trained nursery attendants, is at the end of the office hallway.

Our Church School for ages 4 through 8th grade meets downstairs at 9:45 am before the beginning of worship service at 10 am. Church School children join their parents in the sanctuary after the announcements to share in Holy Eucharist.

Note: The Church School is on a September to early June schedule.

We have a Middle School Youth Group and a High School Youth Group. Both groups meet on Sunday evenings approximately twice a month, September through June.

Music in Ministry

The music ministry at St. Francis is an integral part of the worship service. The choir sings at the 10 am service, and is always looking for new members to join. Choir rehearsals are 7-8:30 pm on Thursdays and 9:15 am on Sundays. The choir sings on a September-June schedule.

If you cannot commit to singing for the whole church year, consider singing for just one season of the year! If you are interested in joining, please contact Joe Perry after the service or at the email address: stfrancisinthefieldschoir @gmail.com.


The Acolyte Ministry is composed of several dozen acolytes and three directors.

Acolyte training and recruiting starts in the fall. From early September through December, our acolytes attend training sessions following the 10 am service. This is where our new/young acolytes learn the required elements of service and where our older acolytes strengthen their skills and also assist with training. This interaction is a key part of the acolyte program that is repeated on every Sunday. This is a great way for the older acolytes to develop leadership skills and for all of the acolytes to learn and practice teamwork skills. As the year comes to a close, we enjoy an acolyte tradition of having alumni acolytes serve at the late Christmas Eve Service.

The acolyte ministry is always looking for anyone that is in grades 3 to 12 who are willing to serve in this reverent, wonderful and fun ministry. If your child in interested in joining the acolyte ministry, please approach any of the three acolyte directors and we will gladly talk to them.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a quiet ministry at St. Francis living out its mission to serve at the Lord’s table. The Altar Guild is comprised of two teams, each having separate responsibilities. There is a set-up team and a flower team.

The set-up team is responsible for vesting the altar for every service conducted at St Francis. This includes regular Sunday morning worship as well as weddings, funerals and special services held during the week.

The flower guild arranges the flowers for the altar every week. They work hard to coordinate the colors of the flowers with the altar frontal for the season. Following the service, the flowers are deconstructed to provide bouquets of flowers for home bound parishioners or members of the congregation who are ill. Volunteer drivers deliver the flowers to whomever the Rector wishes.

The cost for donating flowers for a Sunday morning service is $50. Moneys are also collected for decorating the church at Easter and Christmas. The suggested donation for Christmas or Easter flowers is $30.

Altar Flower Dedication forms are available in the back of the sanctuary, or you can print one out at home by clicking on the green "Altar Flowers" box below .