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January 3, 2018
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March 9, 2020

News and Notes – what’s happening at St. Francis

News and Notes

Upcoming Events

  • July 9 at 6 pm: Holy Eucharist outdoors (reservation required)

  • July 12 at 9:15 am: Virtual study on St. Paul's letter to the Phillipians with Fr. Kevin via GoToMeeting

  • July 12 at 10 am: Sunday service livestreamed on Facebook Live

  • July 12 at 11 am: Zoom Coffee Hour

  • July 12 at 6 pm: Holy Eucharist outdoors (reservation required)

  • July 14 at 9 am: Holy Eucharist outdoors (reservation required)

  • July 16 at 6 pm: Holy Eucharist outdoors (reservation required)
  • Ongoing Events

  • Wednesdays: Bible Study will not be held for the month of July

  • Outside Holy Eucharist

    For the summer months, St. Francis will be holding Holy Eucharist outside three times a week - Sundays at 6 pm, Tuesdays at 9 am, and Thursdays at 6 pm.

    You will need to reserve your space at a service. There are 20 spaces available for each service. Please only sign up for one service during the week to give other people an opportunity to worship. You can sign up for a service by checking your email for the SignUpGenius link for each service, or you may call the church office to make reservations at 610-647-0130. (Please do not email with your reservations.)

    Remember to wear your masks, practice social distancing (at least 6 feet between you and another person) and use hand sanitizer. Masks will be provided if you don't have one, and hand sanitizer will be available. Ushers will direct you where you are to sit when you get to the church courtyard. In case of inclement weather, Holy Eucharist will be cancelled.

    If you have any questions or concerns please call the church office.
    Lectionary Bible Study

    NOTE: There is no Bible Study for the month of July.

    Lectionary Bible Study meets on Wednesdays mornings at 10 am to pray and discuss the readings for the following Sunday. Anyone is invited to attend.

    Currently, Bible Study is meeting remotely, using GoToMeeting online (akin to Zoom). Information about connecting to GoToMeeting on Wednesday morning is sent to the parish a few days prior to the meeting and can also be found here. A GoToMeeting app is available for tablets and smartphones. Dial-in is also available for those who wish to join without video.

    (New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts: )

    The Plan for Return: Living with COVID-19 (May 2020)

    The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania (DIOPA) has issued guidance to all constituent parishes regarding the re-opening process. To read the diocesan guidelines, click here.
    Forward Day by Day

    The Forward Day by Day devotionals for May, June and July are available. To avoid unnecessary viral exposure, we are offering to mail copies to you. Forward Day by Day is available in regular or large print and there is a limited supply.

    Please email the church office at if you would like to have one mailed to you, and please specify what size you need.

    For those comfortable with an electronic copy, several options for receiving Forward Day by Day directly via email, Facebook, etc., may be found by clicking HERE. The Daily Prayer and Meditation may also be read on-line by clicking HERE.
    St. Francis-in-the-Fields Library

    Need something to read? With the libraries closed due to the pandemic, please remember that the church has a wonderful library with many books to choose from. Please feel free to come over and check out a book. Call Diane in the church office at 610-647-0130 or email at to schedule a time to come over.

    Office hours are Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the exception of this weekend, when the office will be closed on Friday, May 22 and Monday, May 25 for the Memorial Day Holiday.

    We look forward to having you come over to choose a book or two!

    Happy Reading!!
    Remote Giving

    St. Francis continues to function during the pandemic, offering livestream worship, conference call meetings, online Bible studies and (physically distant) pastoral care. Keeping our parish connected, and building community however we can, is a top priority. However, we also know that, during this crisis, many are facing unexpected financial challenges.

    If you can continue your pledge or regular giving during this period, it is much appreciated. If financial constraints make giving or maintaining your pledge a hardship for you or your family, that is completely understandable.

    For giving, personal checks and online bank transactions are still accepted. Also, for convenience, an online giving option is now on the front page of our website ( Just look for the "Give" button toward the bottom of the page. Or you can go to, click on "give online" and search for St. Francis-in-the-Fields.

    Finally, if any individual or family finds themselves in a particular hardship, please contact Fr. Kevin. Assistance may be available through the Rector's Discretionary Fund.
    Youth Group - Mission Trip Update

    Plan A: The original mission trip to the Eastern Shore of Virginia was officially cancelled due to Covid-19.
    Plan B: We were able to reschedule a 3-day trip to Niagara Falls, New York from July 30 to August 2nd.

    We want to thank everyone who has made a donation towards the mission trip. We are so very grateful to have such a supportive St. Francis family behind our youth programs. In the event we have to look at a Plan C, you will have the option of a refund or having your donation go towards next year's trip. Please stay safe!

    ~Noel Dutton
    Circle of Friends

    Circle of Friends is a pastoral ministry of card-writing and encouragement that meets every 1st Wednesday of each month. All supplies are provided. Anyone is invited to participate.

    During this period of physical distancing, "The Circle" is meeting remotely, preparing notes from the safety of home. Thank you to everyone who shares in this ministry.
    Book Group

    For information on Book Group, please click here or contact Elizabeth Pitt.
    Discipleship: Lenten Studies at St. Francis

    NOTE: The Sunday night Lenten program has been postponed.

    Get Your House in Order - Every person eventually takes the same mysterious journey. In this fun, interactive program, we will look at the practical matters of preparing for death. What legal documents should have you have in place? What do others need to know about our wishes? What burial options are available? Also, how is the Episcopal Burial Service constructed? What are the options? What readings should I choose? What hymns? Answering these questions in advance can be a tremendous blessing to your family in a time of great emotional and mental stress. The last meeting will be a workshop to plan our own funeral service! A light supper of soup & salad will be provided. A sign-up sheet is in the Narthex.

  • - Caring Hands: Understanding Hospice care. Guest Speaker: Bobbi Castellan, Hospice Care Specialist
  • - The Last Celebration: Episcopal Burials and the Book of Common Prayer. Includes a Funeral Music Sing-Along with Joe Perry!
  • - Final Things Workshop: Plan your funeral over dinner with friends! Forms will be provided to choose readings, hymns, and other important details. Copies will be made and kept on file in the St. Francis Office.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry

    Prayer shawls are available in the library for pastoral use. Each one has a cross sewn on the bottom and a card with information about St. Francis on one side and a prayer on the other side: "May you who receives this shawl be cradled in hope, kept in joy, graced with peace and wrapped in love. Blessed Be!"

    If you want to give a shawl to someone in need, please take one. Let Barbara Pearse or the church office know that you have done so to help them keep track of the number of shawls available. We can always use more shawls! If you have one to donate, please contact Barbara for the cross and card to attach to the shawl.
    Name Tags

    The clear benefit of wearing your name tag on Sunday morning is that it helps us all learn to know each other better. In spite of knowing this, many of us simply forget. So, as the new year begins, the I-W-C Committee is going to help you develop the habit of wearing your name tag. Here's how it will work:

    1. Pick up your name tag as you enter the building Sunday morning.
    2. Wear it to the worship service and coffee hour.
    3. When you're getting ready to leave coffee hour, take off your name tag and put it in the basket, which will be available at coffee hour on the table near the coffee pots. Name tags from 8 am and 10 am worshippers will go into the same basket - everyone has a chance to win!
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 weekly. Diane will retrieve the basket and replace the name tags on the board in the narthex before the following Sunday.

    Building new habits is hard. To encourage you to work on this one, we're creating a Name Tag Game. Every week when you wear your name tag and place it in the basket at the end of coffee hour, you are automatically entering yourself in a contest to win one of the new St. Francis mugs. Diane will randomly draw a winner each week as she replaces the name tags on the board in the Narthex. You have to play (i.e., Steps 1-4, above) to win a mug. And if you play, our St. Francis community wins, too.

    If you do not have a name tag or you cannot find yours, please contact the church office.
    How can you CONNECT with St. Francis?
    by Cindy Claffey, IWC Committee

    The Invite-Welcome-Connect Committee encourages you to consider how you can connect with St. Francis by joining a ministry or group. Opportunities abound for members, new and old, to get involved with the social, spiritual and service activities of our parish.

    The IWC Committee has published a directory of ministries, which includes short descriptions of many groups within the parish, along with time commitments, contact information, and any training or background expectations. Look for this publication on the Welcome Table and the information table at the top of the steps in the Narthex. Or click here for Easy Opportunities To Get Involved.