Parish Life
November 1, 2017

Outreach Projects

West Chester Food Cupboard

The West Chester Food Cupboard always needs donations of unexpired, non-perishable food items, because no one should go hungry. There is a basket in the Narthex for your much-needed donations.

Among the items needed are: canned tuna, canned chicken, sardines, pasta w/meat, chili, Spam, peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, pasta/noodles, jelly, macaroni and cheese, hearty soups, canned fruits, canned vegetables, rice, canned beans, dried beans, pork and beans, hot cereals, cold cereals, baby food

In addition, personal care items are needed, such as: shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, toilet paper, diapers, feminine products

Your financial donations are extremely helpful as well. From their website: "The Food Cupboard appreciates all the support we receive from the community, but your financial donations allow us to purchase exactly what we need, and also use the purchasing power of bulk buying and sales."

For more information about the West Chester Food Cupboard and how you can help, click here.

Church Farm School

Sheila Rees and I have been going to the Church Farm School to assist in the clothing store. They are grateful for the towels, belts and underwear we have donated. After speaking with Karen Barrett, the administrative assistant for development at CFS, we decided to change the request for donations to warm hats, gloves and twin size blankets. The blankets can be comforters or blankets. We had one Eagles hat last week and needless to say it flew off the shelf. These boys are looking for cool things, not "my father's" knit hat.

There is a plastic tub in the narthex for donations. Sheila and I will take the donations to CFS. Thank you for the support.

~Pam Hudson
St. James School

The St. James School, a school in the same Episcopal tradition as Church Farm, is a tuition-free middle school in Philadelphia. Fun fact: our youth group a few years ago volunteered on their grounds to develop some of their fields for sports.

There is a small labeled box in the Narthex for donations to St. James: Hand soap, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, tissues, white board, markers, black Sharpie markers, rainbow Sharpie markers, colored copy paper, Tums 750 mg, socks, gloves, Tempera paints (various colors).

Any donation is appreciated!

~Caralee Crary