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8 am Holy Eucharist Rite II
10 am Holy Eucharist Rite II

Our Children

We seek to nurture the faith of children in ways that best relate to their age.

During the 10 am service, we offer childcare for children under 4 years old. The Parish nursery, staffed with trained nursery attendants, is at the end of the office hallway.

Our Church School for ages 4 through 8th grade meets downstairs at 9:45 am before the beginning of worship service at 10 am. Church School children join their parents in the sanctuary after the announcements to share in Holy Eucharist.
Note: The Church School is on a September to early June schedule.

Youth Group meets Sunday evenings for grades 9-12, September-June.

Music in Ministry

The music ministry at St. Francis is an integral part of the worship service. The choir sings at the 10 am service, and are always looking for new members to join. Choir rehearsals are 7-8:30 pm on Thursdays and 9:15 am on Sundays.

There are exciting things happening at St. Francis. One of these things is a brand new style of worship service that we hope to make an ongoing tradition.

Choir rehearsal will resume on September 7 in the Undercroft. If you are interested in joining, please contact Joe Perry after the service or at the email address: stfrancisinthefieldschoir @gmail.com.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a quiet ministry at St. Francis living out its mission to serve at the Lord’s table. The Altar Guild is comprised of two teams each having separate responsibilities. There is a set-up team and a flower team.

The set-up team is responsible for vesting the altar for every service conducted at St Francis. This includes regular Sunday morning worship as well as weddings, funerals and special services held during the week.

The flower guild arranges the flowers for the altar every week. They work hard to coordinate the colors of the flowers with the altar frontal for the season. Following the service, the flowers are deconstructed to provide bouquets of flowers for home bound parishioners or members of the congregation who are ill. Volunteer drivers deliver the flowers to whomever the Rector wishes.

The cost for donating flowers for a Sunday morning service is $50. Moneys are also collected for decorating the church at Easter and Christmas. The suggested donation is $30.


The Acolyte Ministry is composed of several dozen acolytes and three directors.

Acolyte training and recruiting starts in the fall. From early September through December, our acolytes attend training sessions following the 10 AM service. This is where our new/young acolytes learn the required elements of service and where our older acolytes strengthen their skills and also assist with training. This interaction is a key part of the acolyte program that is repeated on every Sunday. This is a great way for the older acolytes to develop leadership skills and for all of the acolytes to learn and practice teamwork skills. As the year comes to a close, we enjoy an acolyte tradition of having alumni acolytes serve at the late Christmas Eve Service.

The acolyte ministry is always looking for anyone that is in grades 3 to 12 who are willing to serve in this reverent, wonderful and fun ministry. If your child in interested in joining the acolyte ministry, please approach any of the three acolyte directors and we will gladly talk to them.

Altar Setup Checklist

General Preparation for all Worship

1. Disarm the Sacristy Security System: Punch in(see manual for code) to activate Green Light.

2. Remove Dust Covers from the processional crosses: Fold, and place on the counter in the Sacristy.

3. Remove the Dust Cover from the Altar: Fold it and place on the counter in the Sacristy. Check the Schedule for the proper Liturgical Color; if necessary, change the Frontal and Lectern Falls.

4. Check the Oil Inserts in the Altar Candles: Replace the Oil Canisters only as necessary. 3/4 –inch of oil in the small Canister equals about 5.5 hours of flame. Use the empty Canister under the sink with the red mark to judge burn time. Empty Canisters cannot be recycled; deposit in trash bin. * NOTE: This will usually be done by the Liturgical Chairperson.

5. Position the glass Trivets for the Flower arrangements: Place at the front corners of the Altar. (Occasionally there will be no flowers for the Altar.)

6. Position the Altar Candles on the Altar: Check for symmetry. (Use the glass flower Trivets to measure, placing Candles at the inside back corner of the Trivet.)

7. Set out the Alms Basins: NOTE – Silver items should remain locked in the Sacristy you arrive for the Service. Put the Basins on the far right side of the Credence. (The Rector may direct an alternate placement occasionally.)

8. Post the appropriate Sunday Name and Hymn Number Cards on the Hymn Boards: Refer to the Bulletin. Look for Processional, Offertory, Communion, and Recessional Hymns. List the Numbers in order of singing. (Do not post a Hymn Number if the words are printed in the Bulletin.) NOTE: WL&P refers to “Wonder, Love & Praise,” the green supplemental Hymnal. Post these numbers as well. (For weddings and funerals the Hymn Board may remain empty.)

9. Position Kneeling Pads: When Worship includes the Eucharist, center the Saint Francis hooked-rug kneeling pads in front of the Altar Rail, facing the Congregation. Be sure the top side of the kneeler is up! (The underside has white lines visible between rows of yarn.)

10. Set out fresh water for the Rector using the stainless steel travel cup. If the Rector requests it, also bring out the Preaching bench and place it in front of the Altar.

To prepare for the Holy Eucharist, follow the set-up check lists for Sunday Morning Services, that follow. For special Liturgies, see the directions for additional preparations. Always check in the Sacristy for any additional directions from the Rector.

8:00 AM Sunday Eucharist

All but the setting out the silver items may be done the day before.

On Sunday, a member of the Team is asked to arrive by 7:40 AM to do this Final Set-Up

Do all items from the General Preparations Check List

1. Prepare the Altar:
• Corporal
• Gospel Book
• Altar Book with Large Print Bulletin

2. Vest Communion Vessels: • Chalice
• Purificator
• Paten with 2 Large Wafers
• Communion Pall
• Veil
• Burse with 2 Purificators
• Small silver Bread Boxes with Gluten-free Wafers from Aumbry
• Reserve wine cruet and/or bread box from Aumbry, as necessary

3. Place Vested Chalice on the Altar, centered on the Corporal. Adjust the Veil as needed.

4. Set the Credence:
• Wine Cruet with ½ cup of Wine, on the right
• Water Cruet with Water, on the left
• Lavabo with Lavabo Towel, between and in front of Cruets

5. Prepare Lectern:
• Set Ribbons at First and Second Readings
• Put out Bulletins at all Acolyte Chairs

6. Position the Kneeling Pads if not already done.

7. Unlock the Aumbry.

* Silver items should remain locked in the Sanctuary until you arrive for the Service.

** The proper term is simply “Credence,” not “Credence Table.” It is the same word as “credenza,” which means a table.

Between Services on Sunday Morning

Clear, Clean, Replenish, Reset, Reposition

1. Clear:
• Vested Chalice, Cruets, Lavabo
• All used Communion Linens except the Corporal (if not soiled)
• Alms Basins

2. Clean:
• Chalice and Paten
• Alms Basins
• Cruets and Lavabo
• Check the Sanctuary area for cleanliness and neatness

4. Replenish:
• Empty Paten on top of Chalice for Vesting
• 8 large Wafers, wrapped in a Purificator, on the second Paten
• Wine Cruet with ½ cup of Wine
• Water Cruet with ½ cup of Water
• Lavabo with Towel

5. Re-Set:
• Vested Chalice [cross toward congregation] centered on the Corporal on the Altar
• Bread Boxes [Gluten-Free] [See Note]
• Unlock Aumbry, place Reserve Sacrament Wine and Bread on the Altar to the left of the Service Book [Check to see that large print Bulletin is properly in place]
• Sanctus Bells and Acolyte Instructions

6. Reposition:
• Second Chalice, Lavabo, Alms Basins, on the Credence
• Water and Wine Cruets and second Paten on the Credence Shelf at the rear of the Church
(Cruet handles facing the wall, Paten with wrapped Wafers)

NOTE about Gluten-Free Bread Boxes. If they contain Consecrated Wafers, place them to the left of the Altar Book with other Consecrated Bread and Wine. If Unconsecrated, place on the Corporal beside the vested Chalice.

10 AM Sunday Eucharist

NOTE: If the 10:00 AM Eucharist is the Second service of the day, begin with the Check-List for Between the Services. If the 10:00 AM Eucharist is the First or Only service of the day, begin with the Check-List for General Preparations for All Worship, then continue with this Check-List

When the set-up is taking place a day or so before the service, silver items should remain locked in the Sacristy until you arrive for the Service.

The Team is asked to complete the final set-up by twenty minutes prior to the Service.

1. Prepare the Altar:
Gospel Book
Altar Book [with large print Bulletin in proper place]
Silver Bread Boxes [Gluten-Free]
Unlock the Aumbry, place Reserve Sacrament Wine and Bread on the Altar to the left of the Service Book
Sanctus Bells and Acolyte Instructions

2. Vest Communion Vessels:
Empty Paten
Communion Pall
Burse with 2 Purificators

3. Place the Vested Chalice on the Altar, centered on the Corporal. Adjust the Veil as needed.

4. Set the Credence:
Second Chalice
Lavaboand towel
Alms Basins

5. Set the “Credence Shelf”:
Wine Cruet with 1 ½ cups of Wine [1 cup in summer]
Water cruet with Water [Cruet handles toward wall]
Second Paten with 8 wrapped Wafers [6 in summer]

6. Prepare the Lectern:
Mark First and Second Readings with Ribbons
Place Bulletins on all Acolyte Chairs

Following the Completion of All Worship

Clear Altar and Credence

Set Altar Book and Gospel Book on Credence

Replace Altar Dust Cover

Position Candlesticks on the Altar, on the Dust Cover

Store Consecrated Bread and Wine in Aumbry; lock, return Key to drawer

Clean and stow all Furnishing, Unconsecrated Bread and Wine, Vessels

Pour leftover Consecrated Wine in the Piscina; clean and dry, and cover, Piscina

Clean glass Flower Trivets; store on square wooden stools in Sacristy

Soak Linens in water in bucket

Roll Kneeling Pads, Top Side facing OUT; stow in cupboard (Underside has white lines between rows of yarn)

Replace Dust Covers on Crosses

Clear Hymn Board; re-file Cards

[Take Alms (Offering) to the safe in the Office, if necessary. If the office is locked, store Alms in cupboard with Alms Basins, and slip a note under the Office door.]

Hang any clean, damp towels to dry

Sweep the floor

Take Recyclables home to process

Turn off the lights; lock the door, re-arm the Sacristy using proper code

[Turn off any lights still on in the Nave: one 3-switch bank on each stone wall in Transcepts, one 6-switch bank and one single switch near the Audio Cart at rear of Nave, two switches to right of stairwell, one single switch to left of double doors as you exit.]

Go In Peace! Thank you for your good work!

Baptism Preparation

Basic Preparation for Holy Eucharist

Paschal Candle placed between the Organ and the Altar, behind the Font

Baptismal Font
• In front of the Paschal Candle
• Remove Lid and store it in the Sacristy
• Basin should be in the Font as a Liner

Ewer half filled with cool water, on the Altar near the Font

Oil Stock on the corner of the Altar nearest the Font

Baptism Candles (one for each Candidate) on front edge of the Altar near the Font

Towels on the front edge of the Font, by the Basin

Water for the Ewer in the Ewer, should be cool but not cold

Clearing After Baptism

Font, Lid, Basin, Paschal Candle

Remove the Basin to the Sacristy. Pour the blessed Water into the Piscina. Then thoroughly dry the Piscina, and wash and dry the Silver. Be careful the Basin is completely dry before stowing it in its fabric bag.

Wipe the Lid and replace it on the Font. Leave the Font in place.

Remove the Paschal Candle to the Sacristy.

Ewer and Water

Remove and empty (if needed) the ewer. This water can be poured directly into the Sacristy sink. Wash and thoroughly dry the silver before placing it in its fabric bag.

Oil Stock – replace in its small box

Baptismal Candle Boxes – give to the family

Towels – Return only unused Towels to the pouch for Baptismal Towels. Used Towels go into the Linen bucket for laundering.

Use the Checklist for Following All Worship

For a Funeral

Paschal Candle - Center on the lowest Sanctuary step (if a coffin is present)
- or -
beside the small folding table with small Cremation Pall

Small Casket containing box of Ashes, covered by Cremation Pall
- or -
Cremation Pall covering box of Ashes
- or -
Pall, positioned over the rear Pew, ready to be draped over the Coffin

NOTE ABOUT GOSPEL BOOK: The ribbon marker is in place for Sunday services, so note where it is, so you can return it there after the Funeral.

In setting up for the Funeral, place the Ribbon at the Gospel Lesson printed in the Program. (Use the Book’s two last sections: Holy Days, beginning on page 193, or Special Occasions, beginning on page 215.)

Eucharist – If there is to be a Eucharist, use the Checklist for the 8:00 AM Eucharist, but inquire about the amount of Bread and Wine needed.

After all attendees have left the Nave, please make certain that all Funeral items are clean, and carefully put away.

Then follow the checklist for Following All Worship

Sanctus Bells Guide